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Explore dusk’s fragrant world with candles categorised by scent. Choose from fruity, gourmand, fresh, woody, floral, or unscented options to perfectly match your mood and décor.

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Elevate your home ambiance with our collection of Reed Diffusers, designed to deliver a consistent and effortless fragrance distribution.

Ideal for any room, our diffusers are flame-free and safe, making them perfect for households with pets or children, or simply for spaces where candles are not suitable. Each reed diffuser is filled with our premium oils available in a variety of scents—from invigorating citrus to calming lavender—providing a subtle yet continuous aroma that enhances your living environment. The sleek and decorative vessels add a touch of sophistication to your decor, blending seamlessly with any style. Refresh and revitalise your space with the simple elegance of a Reed Diffuser, offering a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.