Essential oils blended to promote mental clarity with a boost of focus and motivation. Feel energised in the body and revitalise the mind.


  1. Switched On Essential Oil Trio Pack
    Switched On Essential Oil Trio Pack
    Essential Oils
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    Create your own ritual with this trio of essential oils, allowing you the mental clarity to achieve your goals. Feel connected, balanced and inspired.

    Clarity: This exotic blend helps to focus the mind and calm the senses by reducing unwanted tension in your body. It will promote mental clarity and provide a breath of fresh air.

    Revitalise: This uplifting blend marries citrus and florals together with clary sage. Create emotional stability, revitalise, and reinvigorate after a trying day.

    Peppermint: Peppermint is a powerful and refreshing essence with antiseptic properties. It may also help to invigorate the mind as well as offer headache relief.

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