Tealight & Votive Candles

Illuminate your evenings with our Tealights & Votives collection. Crafted to offer a subtle glow and delicate fragrance, perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any setting.

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Create the perfect ambiance with our Tealights & Votives collection, designed to enhance the atmosphere of any room with a gentle, flickering light and a whisper of fragrance.

Crafted with care, each candle in this collection is made from high-quality wax and infused with fine fragrances that are chosen to inspire relaxation, uplift spirits, or rejuvenate your surroundings. The subtle glow from our tealights sets a calm, tranquil mood, perfect for meditation, yoga, or unwinding at the end of the day. Our votives, with their robust presence, are excellent for more sustained use, offering a stronger illumination and scent that are ideal for more active spaces like living rooms or kitchens.