dusk Halloween LED Product Safety Alert

LED Product Safety Alert LED Product Safety Alert

The above four products have been recalled from dusk Australia stores due to non-compliance with current Australian legislation. You are eligible to a no-questions asked, full refund if you would like to return these products to your local dusk store.

Please read the below information outlining the defect and hazards.

Defect: dusk Australasia Pty Ltd’s Halloween LED products do not have a secure button battery compartment that is resistant to being opened by young children.

Hazard: If swallowed, a button/coin battery can become stuck in a child’s throat and result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Insertion of button/coin batteries into body orifices such as ears and noses can also lead to significant injuries.

What to do: If you wish to return these Halloween LED products, you can do so for a full refund from your nearest dusk store with or without a receipt. dusk Australasia is committed to maintaining the highest possible product quality standards.

Contact details: dusk New Zealand Ltd, John Thorman, Level 5, 79 Queen Street, Auckland AKL 1010 T: 0800 387 543 Available during business hours: 10am - 7pm Monday – Friday. Or email help@duskcandles.co.nz

See www.productsafety.gov.au for Australian Product Recall Information