Bath and Body

Dive into everyday indulgence with our personal fragrance collection designed to add a glowing start or end to your day. From bath bombs to perfumes in our iconic scents, we've got the goods to treat yourself.

Bath & Body

  1. Soy Gourmand Bath Bomb Trio
    Soy Gourmand Bath Bomb Trio
    Soy Collection
    Regular $34.99 dusk Rewards $31.49

    Vanilla & Spice

    This decadent fragrance is derived from opulent vanilla with a smooth heart of caramelised marshmallow. Base notes of spice and musk have been added for the ultimate perfume indulgence.

    Coconut & Lime

    Embrace the island life! Creamy sandalwood and shards of milky coconut are muddled with zesty citrus fruits in this tale of the tropics.

    Creamy Caramel

    Sink your teeth into some mouth-watering creamy caramel. Brown sugar and buttery toffee come together in a decadently velvety heart. The temptation is completed with indulgent vanilla and rich tonka bean.

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  2. Soy Fruity Bath Bomb Trio
    Soy Fruity Bath Bomb Trio
    Soy Collection
    Regular $34.99 dusk Rewards $31.49

    Blood Orange & Grapefruit

    A sparkling citrus collision of zingy blood orange and pops of grapefruit infuse with the delicate notes of summer rose and berries for a thirst-quenching fragrance.

    Raspberry & Rosewater

    Berry yourself in luscious layers of juicy raspberry and delicate rosewater, heightened with base notes of vanilla and balsam in this decadent dessert-like fragrance.

    Watermelon & Lemonade

    Dive into the juicy depths of summer watermelon and fizzy lemonade, anchored in sparkling strawberry bliss for an energizing and invigorating aroma.

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  3. Pop the Bubbly Bath Gift Pack
    Pop the Bubbly Bath Gift Pack
    Christmas Gifts
    Sale $35.00 Regular $44.99 dusk Rewards $33.25

    Pop the Bubbly!

    Get ready to host your very own after party with our ultimate bath-care gift set to make you feel like the ultimate VIP! It's time to pop the bubbles, slip on a headband, and get ready for a pampering experience like no other. Includes a Tibet champagne bubble bath, a beauty headband, and bamboo phone holder with two size options, making it the perfect set for indulging in a bit of me time filled with music, a good show or simple relaxation.

    Cheers to you!

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  4. The Shower Squad Gift Pack
    The Shower Squad Gift Pack
    Christmas Gifts
    Sale $45.00 Regular $59.99 dusk Rewards $42.75

    The Shower Squad!

    Enjoy the ultimate pampering experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised from head to toe. Kickstart your routine with the dry brush to exfoliate and revitalize your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. Start from your toes and work up the body to promote a radiant glow. As you step into the shower, indulge in the aromatic bliss of the Amber Nights shower steamers, turning your shower into a spa-like retreat. After your refreshing shower, wrap your hair in the ultra-absorbent hair turban, designed to dry your hair whilst keeping it off your face quickly and gently.

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  5. NailNecessities Purse Gift Pack
    NailNecessities Purse Gift Pack
    Christmas Gifts
    Sale $30.00 Regular $39.99 dusk Rewards $28.50

    Introducing the perfect companion for all nail enthusiasts! Our delightful purse pack is filled with essential goodies designed to keep your nails looking flawless.

    Acapulco Hand Cream

    In a fragrance brimming with sweet strawberry, an energetic splice of guava hits luscious peach. Bold notes reminiscent of the colour and spirit of this striking coastal town.

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  6. Let's Face it Gift Pack
    Let's Face it Gift Pack
    Christmas Gifts
    Sale $45.00 Regular $59.99 dusk Rewards $42.75

    Let's face it, life can be tiring, but there are a few items in this set that can help you become party-ready!

    Set the scene by lighting your mini candle and slipping on your beauty headband so you can transform into the star of the show! Grab your cooling spheres from the fridge, gently glide them under the eyes and across any areas that need a little bit of a de-puff and special attention.

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  7. Complexion Perfection Gift Pack
    Complexion Perfection Gift Pack
    Christmas Gifts
    Sale $45.00 Regular $64.99 dusk Rewards $42.75

    Complexion Perfection here we come!

    The perfect trio for a luxurious self-care experience. Unwind with the mesmerising scent of Jaipur filling your space. Enhance your skincare routine with the ultrasonic face cleanser, harnessing advanced technology to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. Use the pearlescent claw clip to pull your hair back whilst you cleanse. Treat yourself or a loved one and elevate your self-care routine to new heights.

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